Commercial photography

The term 'Commercial photography' covers many aspects of the business from corporate portraiture to reportage for press release and a whole lot more besides, let's make it simple, corporate photography is a broad term used to describe any form of photography with the specific intention of assisting your business to reach potential clients.

At Anthony Bolan Photography we can help you in many ways, wether to get noticed and grab the attention of that special client, or to pass on valuble information to your existing network or employees (or the whole world!). A good public image is essential to conducting business, let us help to make your corporate communication stand out from the rest.

All projects are undertaken with your budget in mind, in what is becoming a tough commercial environment it helps to know you're in safe hands so all commercial work includes provision for a consultation period to ensure we can get the best results for you and you are aware of all ascociated costs and expenses of such a project
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